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Obesity could cost the US economy $ 1.1 trillion

Every society has its own confusions. In the US, the problem is that a lot of people...

Nobel laureate carped the US economy

Historians and economists are discovering the phenomenon of the rich countries. It may seem weird, but the...

Almost 90% of Germany citizens believe 8th May to symbolize liberation

The vast majority of population in Germany (89%) believes that May 8th is the day of liberation....

One step away from collapse: Reality vs US stock exchanges

If you sell all of the shares in each of the US companies and use the money to buy plants, machines, and equipment needed to run the same production, there is still some money left. We are speaking about business matters, of course.

Dynamics of Tobin’s Q

This situation can be described much simpler: the US stock markets have come off from reality. This is what Tobin’s Q, developed by Nobel Prize James Tobin demonstrates. This indicates that the capitalization US companies 10% higher than the real value of their assets. It should also be noted that at present rate reached its …

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Ericsson has decided to sue Apple for patent infringement

Swedish giant specializing in design and manufacturing of telecommunications equipment sued the company from Cupertino, claiming that Apple continues to use its technology in the production of the iPhone and other branded wireless devices despite the refusal to renew the license agreement. Head of Intellectual Property Ericsson Kasim Alfalahi commented on the news: “Currently, Apple harnesses our technology without a patent, so we are looking for assistance in court and the International Trade Commission United States.”

He added: “The functions are perceived by consumers as a matter of course. The possibility of streaming TV shows or gaining access to your favorite …

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Will 4th judge for ‘X Factor’ be Paula Abdul? (omg!)

NEW YORK – Taping for the new Fox singing contest “The X Factor” is scheduled to start Sunday. But only three of the expected four judges have been announced. While the clock is ticking, the identity of the show’s fourth judge remains unconfirmed, but there is wide speculation that it will be Paula Abdul

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Dzhokovich outraged “ticketing chaos” at Davis Cup match

Tickets went on sale in the amount of 50.

Top-ranked Novak Dzhokovich is annoyed with the organization of ticket sales for the upcoming Davis Cup match between the national teams of Serbia and Croatia. Both will be held in the city of Kraljevo on March 6-8.

Novak suspicions aroused because of ticketing scheme. As reported by DPA, a few hundred fans were waiting for the opening of offices to buy tickets, but in the end the market received a total number of 50 tickets. At the same time, online sales were not conducted at all, and the stadium holds 3,000 spectators.

“There is …

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Andrzej Duda: 7 facts about the future Polish President

The nominee of the party “Law and Justice” began the day with a coffee in hand in Warsaw. 1. Andrzej Duda...

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Al-Shabab” urged Muslims to save migrants from Myanmar by Buddhists

The call “Al-Shabab” comes amid an agreement reached between Indonesia and Malaysia to grant temporary asylum for migrants staying in boats...

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Thousands of children are involved in the fighting in Yemen

The five-day cease-fire came into force in Yemen on the night of May 12, 2015. Parties to the conflict agreed to...

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Ban Ki-Moon wants to replace himself with a woman

UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon believes his successor should be a woman. This was stated by the deputy of his official...

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Iran is preparing the project of $ 5.2 billion for the investors

Iran has prepared projects for foreign investors in the amount of $ 5.2 billion. According to the Islamic Republic News Agency,...

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Almost 90% of Germany citizens believe 8th May to symbolize liberation

The vast majority of population in Germany (89%) believes that May 8th is the day of liberation. This is the results...

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What does it take to open a coffee shop on wheels from scratch?

It goes without saying that in order to start a coffee shop and attract the...

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The changes you made will be lost if you navigate away from this page.Are you sure you want to leave this page?

Are you dreaming of realizing your own business idea? We appealed to the participants of...

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How to make business on renting job positions

Interview with an entrepreneur: “Profitability is directly proportional to the number of points that you...

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Problems in the Caliphate

Corruption and lack of staff corrode “Islamic state” from inside. At the end of January...

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Apple intends to buy BlackBerry

Apple is eager to purchase the Canadian brand of mobile devices BlackBerry, according to Yahoo!...

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Australian central bank lowered the forecast of growth of inflation and GDP in the country

The Reserve Bank of Australia’s downgraded the outlook for inflation and GDP in 2015-2016 years,...

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Britain faced a record outflow of capital

Investors rushed to withdraw capital from the UK, reported, citing data from the consulting...

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